Experienced Instructors

Leigh Fischer has trained with equestrian greats Mark Todd, Ann Sutton, Pert DeNemathy, Gabriella Grillo, Ralph Hill and Jim Wollford, she continues to train exclusively with Joe Fargis and Conrad Holmfeld. Leigh has won consistently on the “A” circuit, competed successfully at Rolex Kentucky and trained at the U.S.E.T. Camp for Young Riders. She brings this wide range of experience to her students with an engaging teaching style. Leigh empowers her students to master techniques while learning solutions to individual problems which can then be applied to any horse they may ride. Her unique teaching methods are enhanced by clinics arranged for students with varied equestrian talent such as Olympic greats Joe Fargis and Greg Best. Leigh has trained many horses of her own and for her clients in the disciplines of hunters, jumpers, eventing and dressage. Training is based on individually customized programs suited to the individual horse. Starting young horses and training services are available for all English riding disciplines. Leigh is an “r ”certified judge, former coach of the Alfred University Intercollegiate Equestrian Team and routinely conducts clinics around the country.

Jamie Thuman-High Time Stables 

Jamie Thuman started riding at High Time Stables in 2007 where she was trained by Leigh Fischer.  After learning to canter and gaining experience she started showing in hunters/jumpers and equitation. The IEA riding team was formed in 2011. She was selected as captain her sophomore, junior and senior year. Her leadership and commitment helped bring out the best in each rider leading the team to back to back national appearances. After her successful career on the high school riding team, she was offered the opportunity to be High Time Stables Assistant Trainer. She turned her passion towards teaching all levels of riding. Horsemanship, sportsmanship, and safety are huge parts of each of her lessons. Riding has been a huge commitment and very rewarding. Being surrounded by great mentors sharing the same passions and values at High Time Stables can bring out the highest potential in every individual.